Living Water Pond & Fountain has a genuine passion for water gardens that are truly unique. With a creative, artistic approach and 15 years of hands-on experience, Living Water Pond & Fountain will design and professionally install a water garden, koi pond or water feature for your home or commercial property. The beauty and tranquility of your water garden or koi pond can be further enhanced with custom landscaping or hardscaping such as stonework, decking, patios or walkways.

Feel tension wash away as the sights and sounds of nature in your own water garden oasis calm your nerves.
Your home can be as distinctive as you are.
Visitors will feel tension ebb away as they pass the soothing sounds of the majestic fountain in you garden walkway entrance.
Let us help you relieve stress naturally by putting God’s beauty back into your little corner of the world.
Family get-togethers are memorable as children laugh and friends relax while they feed the colorful Koi.
The romance of a water garden or fountain puts everyone at ease after a long day.
Relax knowing that your home value and curb appeal increase with every improvement.
Relieve stress naturally and appreciate nature’s beauty again.